From a very young age, I've been captivated by the world of dolls, especially ball-jointed dolls (BJD). This passion, ignited in my childhood, has always been with me, fueled by a fascination with the unique blend of realism and anim look. I have always loved creating, turning ideas into tangible objects, and this creative passion drives me to push the boundaries of my imagination.

Each doll I craft is a unique piece, with its own story and personality, inspired by the people who have touched my life or who share it still now.



For me, every doll is much more than just an object: it's a work of art, a reflection of human emotions and stories. By combining subtle elements of realism with vibrant touches of anim look, I aim to capture the very essence of the characters I create. Each doll tells a unique story, one shaped by moments of life, encounters, and cherished memories.

My studio is a place where magic takes shape, where every detail is carefully crafted to bring creations to life that, I hope, will touch the hearts of those who discover them. Through my dolls, I wish to share this passion and inspiration with the world, offering everyone the opportunity to find a bit of dream and reality in each creation.

Thank you for visiting my world, where each doll has a soul, a story, and a piece of my heart.